Writing Samples

The following assignments are from Public Relations and Intensive Writing courses taken at Indiana University. These templates vary and were created for a specific client in mind. 


Indiana University Bicentennial: Feature Story

This feature story describes the life of a former Bicentennial intern and the benefits of donating time to the university.


Binge Drinking Research Conducted on Greek students at Indiana University

During an accelerated PR research course, our group was required to conduct qualitative and quantitative research about binge drinking on IU's campus. We were then asked to present our findings at the end of the semester. 

I was responsible for writing this report, as well as compiling and organizing each member's contributions within this document.

 Write here...

Indiana University Bicentennial Media Advisory

A detailed outline of a pseudo- event that the IU Bicentennial could implement in the near future.


Black Mirror's San Junipero Review

In my Digital Rhetoric course at IU, I was required to write a review of one epsisode of Black Mirror's Season 3. For those of you who have not watched this season, do so in the day light and with a friend or two around... it can get a little eerie.

I decided to write about San Junipero and my take on the show's thematic and cinematic elements that make it stand out from all the other programs.


Kinsey Institute News Release

This release was for the reopening of the Kinsey Institute, as well as events that were to take place in its new location.


2018 City Church Marketing Plan

I saw a need for a local church to have both digital and print standards. I created this from beginning to end, interviewing various pastoral leaders as well as other staff at the church to understand the audiences and marketing needs.