Event Planning

Freelance work and student-run projects

Sylven's 9th Birthday Challenge

The summer after my sophomore year, a neighbor asked me if I could help him plan his 9-year old son's birthday party. We talked at his kitchen table and he gave me the lowdown: his son, Slyven, thoroughly enjoyed watching the show American Grit Warrior and wanted that to be the theme for his party. [For those of you who don't know the show, it is essentially American Ninja Warrior for war veterans]. I came up with a few logo prototypes and sent them over to my new clients! They fell in love with the cover for the e-vite (blue) and I began crafting a template of what the e-vite would communicate to the guests. Here is what I came up with:


Dear Contestant,

We see you as fit for the biggest competition of the summer and we would like to invite you to Sylven’s 9th Birthday Challenge! On June 25th, beginning at 5 PM to 10PM, all competitors will report to Sylven's arena at: ___________________. We will divide the pool of contestants into 5 teams, designate a coach to each team, and let the challenge begin.

As for the competitor’s parents and family, please feel free to stay and cheer on your contestants! The arena will encompass food and drinks–for both the kids and adults–as well as a DJ!

And for those who do not want to participate in the competition, there will be plenty of activities and music to enjoy! Let’s celebrate together!

If you have any questions, feel free to contact ______________________.

(Gifts are not necessary)

Please RSVP by: June 15th

Needless to say, the crowd loved it. Kids were pumped. Parents were pumped. Vendors and the DJ were pumped. We were all getting ready to rumble. And then began the madness: party planning. The clients wanted approximately 40 tank tops, 35 for kids and 5 for captains (adults) of the teams. I began calling around and didn’t want to break the budget on these shirts. I found a company that could screenprint my logo in 5 different colors and all sorts of sizes.

Shirts. Check.

The next step in the process was brainstorming game ideas and forming a competition for the kids. I watched countless game shows and researched Survivor themed parties for inspiration. After about 4 revisions with my clients, we came to find the best way to organize the games. I made multiple outlines, instructions, rosters, time sheets, checklists, and created a point system for each of the contests. This whole planning process took about two weeks, which is not much time to pull off a decent sized event, but it was a great success! Over 100 guests showed up and all of the kids were able to participate in the games as they enjoyed feeling like they were on a reality TV show for a day.

Pictured below are the original documents that I made as instructions, outlines, and time/score keeping methods.


My Rescue Fundraiser

Now known as Project Cultivate.


During my freshman year at Azusa Pacific University, a private university in Azusa, California, I joined an organization called Enactus. Enactus is a student-run business club that allows undergraduates to utilize their entrepreneurial skills in order to make a local or global difference. 

In this club, there are multiple projects that are created and led by students. I decided to join My Rescue -- now known as Project Cultivate --  which has a mission to cultivate restorative communities which affirm identity in survivors of the sex industry through professional development. 

The year that I joined, we had a 133-percent increase in donations raised for survivors of sex trafficking. I most definitely can not take all the credit for the rise in funds, but I can take majority of credit for how we marketed the event.

The 2014-2015 academic year was the second time that My Rescue was working to fundraise for sex trafficking survivors. The master plan was to raise awareness of the mission and then put on a fashion show at the end of the year with other nonprofits so that both organizations would raise funding from the event. We knew we had to think of some out-of-the-ordinary ideas in order to get everyone's attention bout this very important cause. 

 I joined the marketing team and was asked to come up with some creative ideas on how to effectively bring awareness of sex trafficking. I decided to utilize my love for spoken word and poetry to help narrate a video about the adversities that survivors face. The B Roll was taken by the founders of My Rescue on their first trip to Thailand, and the A Roll was shot by two APU film students. The video was shown at a campus-wide event with thousands in attendance, local churches around Azusa, and was also used to educate those in attendance at the fundraiser: a fashion show.

We also came up with two live demonstrations that would physically show the students and faculty of APU what sex trafficking really looks like.

Price Tags : We hand crafted price tags with random dollar amounts and wore them around campus to show that this is how much the girls/women are sold for. It sparked conversations with fellow students in class and allowed us to make announcements about our mission and the fashion show.

Flash Mob & Doll House : We teamed up with a hip-hop crew that choreographed an interpretive and cathartic dance that would begin immediately after the largest chapel service was released. [APU students had mandatory chapel three times a week.] Behind the dance team was a large card board box that was made to look like the packaging that a Barbie would be sold in. A few of the team members painted statistics and quotes on each side so that it was visible from every angle. Our plan was to pull the curtain off of the box once the flash mob was done dancing. Underneath the curtain was me (pictured above) that was staring into the distance as the audience stood in shock.

Last but not least, the fashion show was a huge success. Over 200 people were in attendance and we raised more than $7,000 throughout the entire academic year for survivors. These numbers increased substantially from the previous year and even helped with the budget for the next year.