Erin Sky Powell? Is that your real name?


I go by Erin, ESP, Esky, or straight up "E." Iā€™m a Chicago suburbanite and alumna from Indiana University's Media School.  

I have had a passion for photography since I was developing photos in a dark room every day in high school. But now I pride myself on being the photographer that does more than take pictures.

I am the one that people hug once they realize how unique and beautiful they are after I show them a few flicks. I am the one that dances to the cha cha at your wedding with a camera slung around my neck. I am the one who gets coffee with you to see your vision for the shoot before even setting a date. I am the one who hops in the water with you just to get the perfect shot. I'm more than a girl with a camera. I'm a girl with a camera that can hype up every opportunity and follow through all your photographic dreams.